Access Permissions

Many companies require access on a "need to know basis" in order to limit the access of flows, dashboard and other information.

The account admin role is allowed to create object permissions to either make an object (flow, dashboard, etc.)...

  • ... publicly available for all accounts on Locoia,

  • ... publicly available within a users own account (company),

  • ... restrict it to a certain set of users or teams,

  • ... or make an object private, so that it is only available to the user.

For each object, there are four permissions to be set:

  • Reading - viewing an object

  • Updating (writing) - Updating an object

  • Deleting - deleting an object

  • Managing - managing permission for an object

How to create object permissions?

Object Permissions can be set on the below objects:


  • Flows (also applies to the Flow Debugger view)

  • Files (Uploader)

  • ConnectorAuth-(authentication)s

  • EnvVariables


  • Dashboards

  • Insights

  • Data Sources

Teams can be used to give permission (access) to automation Flows or Dashboards and Insights easily.

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