AWS RDS Database - How to connect

To connect DI to an existing or new Amazon RDS Database, you will have to take several steps.

  1. Whitelisting our static IP

    1. As Type, select "PostgreSQL", enter the port of your DB-Instance (for PostgreSQL usually 5432), and add our static IP + /32 in the "Source" search. If you don't have our static IP yet, please contact us and we will provide it. The IP should look like this:

    2. If you want, enter something like "Static IP Locoia" into the description, so you'll be able to find and edit this rule easily.

    3. Click "Save rules".

  2. If you have outgoing rules set up on your VPC, you might need to repeat this process under the "edit outbound rules" option. By default, your VPC should allow all outgoing traffic.

  3. At this point, try connecting to the database in DI. Most likely, you won't have to do anything else.

  4. If you still encounter issues connecting to your DB instance, try checking your VPC settings:

  5. You should now be able to connect to your database instance! In case you are still experiencing issues, try connecting to your database through a different tool (such as pgAdmin) from a whitelisted IP to ensure your database is exposed as intended. If you are unable to connect, please discuss with your sysadmin, as your organization might enforce even stricter rules on RDS. If you are able to connect from a 3rd-party tool, but can't connect from DI, please contact us so we can investigate the issue.

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