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Automatic Pagination

Making complex pagination as easy as a click of a button


Pagination is used by APIs to divide a large amount of data into smaller chunks that are more manageable to retrieve and transfer.

Manual pagination

If you implement pagination manually in a flow, you have to use
  • a Looper,
  • a special loop condition,
  • sometimes a Dict Helper references the actual list of entities in the response, and
  • a Dict Helper to flatten the loop's output
in order to get the results from all pages from a Connector.
Manual way of getting results from all pages

Automatic pagination

With Automatic Pagination the process is much simpler: Just toggle the Retrieve all data switch button on supported actions:
Retrieve all data option
This will automatically do the entire pagination logic and will output a nice 'flat' list of records, ready to be further used inside the flow, thus replacing the manual 4-step process with a button click.
The maximum number of pages is currently limited to 100 pages.
Please contact us in case you're running into this limitation.