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Custom OAuth2 clients (apps)

Use your own instead of Locoia's OAuth2 clients

Use Cases

When using Embed you might want to take the whitelabeling one step further and display your end users your own OAuth2 setup screen as well as doing actions on behalf of your app (e.g. sending messages as a Slackbot which has the same name as your company).
Also, some Connectors like Snowflake only allow custom OAuth2 clients/apps.

Adding and updating custom OAuth2 clients

Currently, adding custom OAuth2 clients is only possible via API, however extended functionality and setup directly inside the Locoia app are coming soon.
/v1/connectors/{{ connector_id }}/custom_auth
Edit custom auth details
Adding custom OAuth2 clients is only supported via the Bearer Token which is used in the Locoia app itself. In order to retrieve it, you have to copy the current Bearer Token from your browser's developer tools.