Multi Case Helper

Route the Flow path based on the value of a variable


With the Multi Case Helper, you can route the Flow path based on the specific value of some field, variable, etc.


The Multi Case Helper has only one default action - Select case decision.

The label of the corresponding arrow needs to match the test case value so that its Flow path is taken. You can add as many arrows as you like.


Let's imagine a Flow that takes data from a form and based on a select field in the form should either create a payment in Stripe, create a new deal in a CRM such as HubSpot, or create a new ticket in a system such as Zendesk.

The Multi Case Helper in that case takes the field as the test case value:

Based on that value of {{ inquiry_type }} it will follow one of the three arrows to the next step of the Flow:

Defaulting to a Case

Q: Is there a standard (default) action possible with the Multi Case Helper?

A: It is possible to add in the Multi Case Helper e.g.:

{% if reference == ‘value1‘ or reference == ‘value2‘ or .. %}
{{ reference }}
{% else %}
{% endif %}

Then three arrows need to be created with the following names:

  • value1

  • value2

  • default

Thus, the flow route defaults to default whenever none of the other arrows match.

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