The Gmail connector can be used to read, modify and send emails and attachments.

The Gmail API documentation and thus the actions as well, use the terms "Email" and "Message" interchangeably.

Gmail scopes

You can give access to the following scopes:

Common Use Cases

Mark email as read

In order to mark an email as read you need to use the Modify Message action and remove the label UNREAD.

Trigger Flow based on new Gmail email

There are many use cases, where a flow should be triggered based on a new Gmail email.

As Gmail does not support webhooks out of the box, we offer a template flow which polls Gmail regularly to check for new email and based on that triggers a flow for each new email.

Replying to emails

The Send Email action also allows to reply to emails, so that the email that is being sent is added to an email thread.

To get started with that functionality, we highly recommend to use this template flow, as it requires some advanced knowledge to configure the details on your own, due to the nature of how email works.

In order to reply to emails the following fields need to be filled as specified:

  • Subject: The subject must match the subject of the email that is being replied to

  • Thread ID: The ID of the thread the message belongs to

  • In-Reply-To and References Address: This must be set according to the Message-Id of the email that is being replied to

In order to retrieve these required values, the Get Message action should be used, as it returns all these values. A working example, which also handles some non-standard email client implementations can be found here.

Not all email clients follow the same standards regarding headers, thus there might be slight differences in the header names for each email, this is e.g. the case for the Subject or Message-Id header.

API Usage Limits

The Gmail usage limits are fairly generous and as long as you do not send a lot of emails per second for a longer period of time, you should not run into any issues.

These limits come directly from Gmail and we can unfortunately not increase them.

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