Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is an online advertising platform by Google.


The Google Ads connector can be used to interact with Google Ads, for example to upload conversions.

The official REST API documentation can be found here:

Google Ads offers a few different APIs, we only use the linked REST API.


Google Ads uses OAuth2 authentication and additionally a Developer Token and, in some cases, Login Customer ID have to be provided in every action:

Reporting with Queries

Google Ads provides an SQL-like query language that is explained here. This is the best way for reporting. The easiest way to build reporting queries is the Query Builder.


Conversion Uploads

You can upload click and call conversions using this Connector, there are a few setup and mapping steps needed in order to use these actions successfully.

1. Create import conversion Action

In your conversion actions you have to create a new import conversion action first (Google also calls them "offline conversion" in some places):

You can find more details on how to do that in this article:

2. Get Conversion Action ID

It is quite difficult to find the Google Ads Conversion Action ID, as Google, unfortunately, does not provide an endpoint to get them and they also cannot be found in the Google Ads platform itself.

However, you can find the Google Ads Conversion Action with a little workaround:

1. Go to your Google Ads Conversion overview

2. Open the developer tools (Mac: Cmd ⌘ + Opt ⌥ + I | Windows: Ctrl / Strg ⌃ + Shift ⇧ + I)

3. Go to Network panel, set the filter to Fetch/XHR and make sure that there are no requests (you can clear the request using the clear icon)

4. Click on the conversion action name for which you want to get the id

5. Click on the first request (the one that includes ConversionTypeService in the name)

6. Go to the Preview tab

7. Expand the dictionary with the key 1 and then the one inside it with the key 0

8. The Google Ads Conversion Action ID is the number that you can then see inside the expanded dictionary as the value for the key 1

9. Copy this number and add it to the respective field in the conversion upload action

This is the Conversion Action ID for both click and call conversions.

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