Embed FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Embed

Do our users need to be technical in order to use the integrations?

Using Embed as an end user is very straight forward: Simply enter the needed login or API credentials and they are good to go.

So your end users don't have to be technical

Can the Flow/integration be customized by our users?

Yes, by using the Form Helper you can provide additional input fields to your users, which you can be used in the Flow dynamically. This means that, e.g. even custom fields can be synced, without having to build a custom integration.

Is the possibility to receive callbacks from Locoia for newly created integrations?

Yes, with an "Triggered by Embed" action, a flow can be triggered each time an integration is created or deleted. This flow can then send a request to an API or even send a notification in Slack - you have full control.

Where are login credentials stored? In our software or in Locoia?

Login credentials are stored with multiple layers of encryption in Locoia, so that it can be accessible by the Flows themselves and we can take care of refreshing tokens if needed.

You can read more about how we store and handle login credentials here.

Is it also possible to use Embed via API only?

As much as we love APIs, we currently don't offer using Embed via API, as this would require a much more complicated setup from your side to work smoothly.

If this is something that would be interesting for you, please reach out to us.

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