How are API versioning and API updates handeled?

New API versions and updates of APIs.

Generally, we try to have the latest version on APIs e.g. /v4/ Once a /v5/ is released, with grace period of 60 days, and users want to use it immediately, they can overwrite the base-domain in the ConnectorAuth.

If an old API version is still available and there is no immediate need, we will introduce a new API version upon request by customers with 48h notice by customers.

Next, we will inform all customers about the upgrade to /v5/ and any potential breaking changes. Additionally, we ask customers to move their connectors to the new version. Once we see there is either no negative interference or all customers upgraded, we change our primary connector version to /v5/ .

If a change only concerns individual endpoints, we either inform customers and make the change immediately, e.g. if the API just changed without notice and is unusable otherwise, or create a separate action with the new endpoint details and run both in parallel for some time, until all customer's flows are migrated.

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