Titles and References

Titles and JsonRefs for Connectors and Helpers

How to change the titles of connectors and helpers?

In order to make each step of an automation flow easily understandable for everyone looking at it, we made titles editable. Meaning, you can click either on the title or the button called "Name & ref " in the right sidebar (the connector panel). You get to the connector panel by double clicking on any connector or helper you dragged on the workspace.

As in the screenshot above, click on the title or the button and you will be able to edit the title and reference, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Best practice: Ideally, you keep the name of the connector or helper in the title and just add the action the step is doing to the name including all details needed, e.g.:

  • Pulling contact from CSV, SalesForce

  • Looping over list of products

  • Sending email to each customer

  • Boolean decision based on customer_type

  • Get NPS score from Zenloop for all new users of last 7 days

  • etc.

Changing references of Connectors and Helpers, a.k.a. RefIDs

As explained above and shown in the previous screenshot, in addition to changing titles, you can change RefIDs. RefIDs are part of each helper and connector. They are the way to reference data pulled or created in various steps of a flow - allowing you to reference data that has been created in a previous step. The concept of RefIDs is explained in full detail here.

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