File Storage Helper

Store and save files you later want to access publicly


Using the File Storage Helper, you can store and save all kinds of files (csv, xml, Excel, txt, etc.) to the Locoia app file-system (S3 instance). From there, you can download those files using the url you will receive as a result.
File Storage Helper - dynamic insight

Common use-cases File Storage Helper

  • Including a link rather than a file in an email
  • posting a file (e.g. JPG image file or pdf file) against another API to upload it
  • Create a file based on a text string (e.g. a XML file)
Below you see and example of a file being published that is referenced, being created in the previous step by the zip helper:
Settings File Storage Helper
  • URL which can be either static; any URL in or outside of the Locoia app
  • Storage duration in days - the number of days you want the file to be accessible under the respective url
All other files in the Locoia ecosystem cannot be publicly accessed.