4.2 Embed End User Logs

Additional details about enabled Integrations


  1. Users can click on the details icon of any enabled integration (Flow) to see an overview of all runs:

  2. From there users can look at details of specific Flow Runs, to see number of successful and unsuccessful records per entity:

  3. Users can drill down even more by looking at the error details of the unsuccessful records to see why there has been an error and thus potentially adjust their data in order to prevent the error in the next run:


To make the end user logs useful to a wide variety of use cases, general terms/wordings are used.



Collection of related fields treated as a unit

Row, one data entry


The type of record

Contact, company, ticket, building, …

Record ID

Unique identifier of a record (end user facing)

Company id, ticket number, …


Flow Run

E.g. if 5 companies are synced between two systems, there would be 5 records of the entity company. If one of them failed, its ID (company ID) would be the Record ID.

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