S3 = Simple Storage Service

S3 AWS Authentication

Base domain to be included in Connector auth: https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com


If you use special characters in your file paths, you might have to URL encode these explicitly in order for S3 to interpret them correctly.

If you get an error with the code SignatureDoesNotMatch, encoding special characters will most likely solve this.

List Objects

If a bucket policy just allows accessing sub-folders within a bucket, one has to define the bucket and the sub-folder as bucket in the Bucket field in order to get a 200 response.

S3 UTF-8 content type encoding of files

UTF-8 encoding and what may go wrong?

Why you may get strange characters instead of your desired üäöß and similar characters? The Locoia app depends on the Content-type header provided by a server, API-endpoint or drive (GoogleDrive, Dropbox or AWS S3) and treats the file as such. Meaning, either your server, API-endpoint or drive already has the appropriate header set, which will be mostly UTF-8 due to wide usage, or you need to explicitly set it.

The popular software AWS S3 does not set it manually during the upload of files in step three, as per the below image:

Within step three, the user needs to set it as per the below screenshot to:

content-type: application/csv;charset=UTF-8


Thus, the Locoia app treats the file as UTF-8.

Locoia ConnectorAuth general docs

Overview of S3 AWS

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