Insight Marketplace - Using Pre-Built Insights

Locoia offers a wide selection of pre-built insights for the most popular connectors, which you can add to your dashboard.

Adding pre-built insights

To add a pre-built insight, click on the Edit Dashboard toggle and then click on Insight Library:

The insight Library will then appear on the right side of your screen. It is structured by the insight you or your colleagues have created (My Insight) and the pre-built insights, which are categorized by connector:

Just click the Add button to add the selected insight to your dashboard.

Adding a pre-built insight will also, if needed, add the transform(s) the insight is based on to your account.

If you have already set up the data source(s) needed for the insight or its underlying transform you are good to go. Otherwise, you need to add the needed data sources in order for the insight to work.

The insight or transformation will tell which data sources are missing:

The names for all data sources used in pre-built insights are based on the default database name, so if you need to add the data source, you should add it with the default name.

If you add another insight which is based on an already exisiting transformation, the transformation will not be copied again to your account, but instead the already exisiting transformation will be used. 
As this depends on the name of the transformation, you should not change the name of the copied transformation.

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