Embed Overview

A Seamless Journey: Implementing Locoia Embed in your application

Embedded white label solutions are the ideal solution for SaaS companies that want to be able to offer integrations quickly and easily to their end users.

Embed key benefits

  • Time and Cost Efficiency

Instead of developing a product or service from scratch, Embed enables you to leverage existing solutions. This can significantly reduce development time and costs, allowing for a quicker time-to-market.

  • Quality Assurance, Compliance and Security

Embed is tested in various scenarios and environments. Integrating Embed allows you to benefit from the quality assurance measures, reducing the risk of bugs, errors, and performance issues.

Locoia adheres to industry standards and regulations. Integrating Embed reduces the risk of legal issues, data breaches, and other security-related concerns.

  • Brand Consistency

Embed appears as a natural extension of your brand, reinforcing brand identity and recognition.

Embed is an additional product that needs to be activated for your account.

Upon activating Embed, you'll discover a dedicated submenu encompassing all the data and features essential to benefit from the Embed product.

Steps to have Embed in place

In order to add Embed to your application you basically need to go through the following steps:

  1. Reach out to your Locoia account manager or solutions consultant to have Embed activated

  2. Plan your Integrations

    1. What integrations do you want to provide your end users with? In the terms of Locoia app, what Connectors should be involved?

    2. Where do you plan to place Embed?

    3. Do you want to require for your end users a consent to use Locoia as a data processor? (for GDPR)

  3. Build Flow for Embed

  4. Set up Embed in Locoia

  5. (optional) Test Embed before integrating it on production

  6. Insert Embed code into your application

Embed is all about multi-tenant! All flows generated within it are created in a multi-tenant fashion with the same mechanism as per here.

page1. Embed Flowpage2. Configure Embedpage3. Integrate Embedpage4. Embed for End Userpage5. Test Embed Configuration

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