Google Sheets

Use Google Sheets to create and edit online spreadsheets.


Add Rows

The Add Rows actions requires an exact range to be provided, i.e. the number of rows that are being inserted must match the number of rows in the range field.

In order to achieve this dynamically, the number of rows can be calculated right in the range field, with {{ row | length + 1 }} (assuming the first row are used for the headers, thus 1 rows needs to be added to the length).

Troubleshooting Errors

Some errors Google Sheets returns are unfortunately not straight forward to understand and troubleshoot. Here is an overview over some common errors and the possible reasons for it.

Error messagePossible reasons

Unable to parse range: SheetTitle:Range

  • The SheetTitle does not exist in the Spreadsheet

  • The range does not match the number of rows/columns specified in the request

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