Pivot Table


The Pivot Table displays data in an interactive pivot table, where columns and rows can be collapsed to show individual data for sub-dimensions, as configured by the chart creator:

It also, optionally, displays the grand total values per row and column:

Expected Data and Graph Designer

The Pivot Table doesn't expect data in a specific format, as the configuration of pivot tables is fully flexible. However, it is recommended to do any kind of data aggregation that you want to use in the pivot table, directly in the SQL query in order to increase performance.

In the Graph Designer you can then configure the pivot table in an Excel-like manner:

In the Live Preview you can also set number formatting options:

In the Input parameters section, you can configure whether the viewing user is able to export the pivot table as an XLSX, CSV, or PDF file and some additional viewing options:


Data can be exported as PDF, Excel or CSV:

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