Mail Sender
Sending emails including attachments
The Locoia Mail Helper allows and easy way to send your CSV, XML, other file types or simply just notification emails via email. Simply drag & drop the Mail helper to the workspace and then double click it. As always, you can edit the helper name and RefID if you click on the text or upper blue button as indicated on the below screenshot:
    Email Subject: Write your email subject as you wish. Note that you can include smart data wrangling as indicated with {{ date }}. Find more on smart data wrangling.
    Your Text: Enter any kind of text as in a normal email.
    To Email Addresses: Enter one or multiple emails comma separated.
    CC Email Addresses: Enter one or multiple emails comma separated.
    Attachment: Link any file that has been created e.g. from the CSV Helper's action "Write CSV file".
    Attachment Name: Name attachments accordingly as you wish and also feel free to add smart data wrangling to e.g. generate dynamic parts in your files.
    Note: Only send emails to recipients you know and informed about emails you send them. Every email contains the possibility to unsubscribe from future emails. Emails can only be sent on paid plans.
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