Zendesk sells a cloud-based customer support platform that includes helpdesk ticketing.


Zendesk users Basic Auth. You just need your email and password, along with your accounts subdomain like this https://my-company.zendesk.com/api/v2/ where my-company is your accounts specific subdomain. It needs a trailing slash.


Locoia has automatic Webhook registrations for Zendesk.

Webhooks are only available in certain higher plans. They can be setup via Triggers and Automations.

You can view your registered webhooks under https://YOUR-SUBDOMAIN.zendesk.com/admin/apps-integrations/webhooks/webhooks

To register Webhooks:

  1. Start building a Flow in Locoia with a webhook trigger and then save it

  2. You should now see the webhook here and you can test it there https://YOUR-SUBDOMAIN.zendesk.com/admin/apps-integrations/webhooks/webhooks

  3. Setup Triggers or Automations in Zendesk that have "Notify active webhook" as an Action. Depending on your set conditions, the webhooks fire if you change things in Zendesk and trigger the Flow in Locoia.

  4. Your webhooks should be live

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