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Makula uses 2 tokens. One short lived and a refresh token. When the short-lived token expires. Makula checks the validity of the refresh token and refreshes both tokens if it is valid. Expiration is:
  • Short-lived token: 6 minutes
  • Refresh token: 7 days
Both tokens are sent from the client to the server. Server send tokens to the client only after login or if they get refreshed.
Base domains:
  • Production https://api.makula.io/graphql
  • Staging https://oem-staging.makula.io/graphql

Manipulating requests

1. Pagination

Makula uses filter on queries with skip and limit like MongoDB.

2. Sorting

One can sort by multiple fields.

3. Filtering

Filtering works with: sort, skip, limit, ne, gt, gte, lt, lte, in, nin, contains, matches

Further information

Makula uses roles and permissions that are not documented on the API endpoints yet. For example only certain roles can perform specific queries or mutations.