Flow run data retention, logging, and error notifications

Flow data retention time (days) for data security and frugality

All automation flows can be configured with regards to how long data is saved for debugging: The range is from 0 to 90 days. 0 means the data is not saved at all and should only be used for properly tested automation flows as there is no way to follow what happened. Any number between 0 and 90 determines the number of days until which all debugging data of a flow run is deleted.

Screenshot from the flow settings upon clicking edit on a flow in the flow builder.

There is a default setting on the company which is the default for all flows unless the flow data deletion time is set on an individual flow basis. Once the flow data retention is set on the flow, it overwrites the setting of the account (company)-level.

Logging all steps

By default only the first three iteration of a loop will be logged and be visible in the flow debugger.

You can log every loop iteration by turning the setting on in the flow-settings upon clicking edit on a flow in the flow builder:

This will only apply to all future flow runs.

Error notifications

You can set up notifications in case of errors on a per-flow basis by going to the flow settings and entering your email address into the respective field:

You will only receive notifications when the flow's status is set to live

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