Testing example

How to test Embed configuration with a local file

For simplicity, the testing example uses Embed with one Flow and a local HTML file.

  1. Build Embed Flow, keep all Connector Auth empty

  1. Create an Embed with one Group, specify the recently created Flow, set file://* in Allowed domains.

  1. Generate JWT, e.g. using the free website https://jwt.io/. You just need to paste a payload and a secret generated in Embed.

  2. Replace the token variable in the iframe code with JWT generated in the previous step.

  3. Prepare an .html file on your local machine (in this example, text.html) and insert the iframe code in there.

  4. Open the .html file. If you set it as required in the Embed settings, you'll see a Consent screen first. After consent, Groups and Flows from embed settings should be displayed. Here you can set up the integrations and check whether they work as expected.

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