Exact Online

Cloud business software for SMEs and their accountants


Exact Online is an online accounting and ERP software.


  1. Before authentication Exact with Locoia, please ensure your user has all authentication, as per here in Exact.

  2. You can simply use your Exact user credentials in Locoia to authenticate.

No Exact app creation is needed by you. We did this for you.

Good to know

The Exact API is very extensive, thus there are some extra tipps for working with the Exact Connector:

  • The documentation is very important and it makes sense to use it, in parallel with the Connector Action

    • To find endpoints quickly, use the Endpoint Search field

    • There are almost always links to details for endpoints

    • GET and POST fields are not the same (fields are shown, by selecting a method at the top)

    • ! means required field

  • Many requests bodies are quite nested and often required fields and the nested structures need to be provided

  • Filtering works with OData Syntax (don’t forget to set quotation marks); unfortunately there are no good examples in the documentation

  • POST requests don't return response payload, instead a GET call needs to be made afterwards to get the actual data

  • POST actions are not added in Locoia, as the format is quite custom, instead the POST Wildcard Action should be used

  • In general there are lots of dependencies between entities

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