Running single Flow steps

Run individual Flow steps for testing & debugging.

With the Run flow step button which is shown below the step's name you can run the current step without running the entire flow:

The flow step will then be executed and the debugger output will be shown directly in the flow builder:

The example above also uses references to other parts of the flow ({{ start_date }} and {{ end_date }}):

In order to run the Summary Report step, both referenced steps have to be run at some point before, e.g. as part of a regular flow run or through Run flow step.

The referenced steps need to be available as per flow run data retention setting of the flow. E.g. if the flow ran for the last time 5 days ago and the flow run data retention setting on the flow is 2 days, Run flow step would not work, as the output for the referenced steps are not available.

The flow is always saved before running a flow step, thus the flow needs to be in a state where it can be saved (i.e. all connectors need to be connected, only one starting point, etc.).

Special Cases


When using Run flow step on a Looper, all steps within the looper will be run. The output shown will be the output of the Looper itself (i.e. a list of the Looper's results).

When running a flow step inside an action loop, the reference to the looper will not be the Looper's input (as it is the case in a regular flow run), but rather the Looper's output. Thus, testing those steps will not result in the same outcome as a regular flow run. Instead we recommend to run the Looper that the step is referencing.

When the index variable is used in a step that is being run, index it will be replaced by 0.

Mail Sender

This functionality is currently not available for the Mail Sender and will return an error instead.

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