Authorize and authenticate Salesforce

To authorize SalesForce:

  1. Go to Settings > Connector Auth

  2. Click Add

  3. In the opened dialogue window, select SalesForce as a connector

  4. Enter your complete Salesforce instance subdomain including the version number and the last trailing slash, e.g. --> Where eu29 is your instance.

  5. Since there is only the newest Oauth2 auth method available for Salesforce, click Confirm and sign in at SalesForce

  6. Upon successful authentication, you are redirected back to the Settings > Connector screen in our app. The status should be `Successfully authenticated via Oauth2`. Now you can use the auth method for any flow

Logging in with a custom domain

In case you need to use your organization's specific Salesforce domain to login, you need to click on Use Custom Domain just below the username and password field:

Getting your API domain: For Salesforce LIGHTNING, please switch back to the old Salesforce version and get your domain there incl. subdomain until .com/ Then add/services/data/v50.0/ to it.

Using Actions

Example: Salesforce Opportunity Views: --> Where eu29 is your instance.

How doe the endpoint logic of SalesForce work. To get one Opportunity: --> Where eu29 is your instance.

  • Green: the version of the API. This changes frequently and can simply be updated.

  • Red: the Object type, e.g. Account, Opportunity, Contact, Task, Campaign, etc.

  • Orange: Object ID

For any troubleshooting, always look in the domain in the Flow Debugger, e.g.:

--> the domain often includes error messages from Salesforce

Get Entities

To get entities, use the Action "Queries Get Entity Objects":

  1. Determine the Entity

  2. Determine the fields or add new fields by typing and clicking on them

  3. Specify the where clause to limit your results. You can find more details about how to specify the where-clause here on SalesForce docs.

Create / update actions

Each entity has Create and Update actions:

Select the create or update action correspondingly.

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