Locoia has different charts to visualize Insights on Dashboards. Those charts can be individually styled and configured in the Graph Designer Tab of an insight:

The chart type can be changed by selecting a different chart in the "Chart type" dropdown:

Chart Types

Most commonly used chart types available:

pageLine ChartpageBar and Horizontal Bar ChartpageStat CardpagePie ChartpageGauge ChartpageDonut ChartpageStacked Bar, Horizontal Stacked Bar, and Normalized Horizontal Stacked BarpageMultiple Line ChartpagePivot TablepageMap Chart

Chart Configuration

Besides selecting a chart type, for every chart, a column that should be used as the X-axis has to be set.

Furthermore, specific columns can be hidden if they appear in the query results, but should not be used for the chart.

The styling and displaying of data for the selected chart type can then be set by category, such as the Legend, X-Axis, and so forth. Some of those configurations depend on the selected chart type and are pointed out in the help center article for the corresponding chart type (linked in the list above).

For all color fields you can either select one of the pre-defined colors or simply enter your own color as a HEX code.

For conditional coloring the Range End cannot be set to 0, in that case the coloring will not work as expected.

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