Jinja: (Custom) variables, wildcards and functions

Jinja2, one of the world's most popular data rendering engines, is used as a templating language to render individual information. Many core functions are available. Some are not available for security reasons. A list of the core external functions can be found under:

Custom Locoia variables

All custom Locoia variables, wildcards, and functions can be found here.

Additional details

For some functions there're additional details to consider.


In order to capture groups with this function \g<name> needs to be used with named groups and \g<number> with plain groups.

Noteworthy core Jinja functions


  • Usage: {% for record in list_reference | selectattr(field_reference, 'match', 'comparison_value') %}
  • Use case: This let's you filter any (nested) list directly in Jinja by specific attributes