Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


By default, Locoia's connector connects to the regular Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central API.


To authenticate, your users need to have the correct level of access. You may need to request an additional access level from your system admin.


To get to the OData settings, click on the search icon in the upper left corner and type web services and click on the > Web Services :

To get the Username and Password for the OData services, go to Users, select a user and get the key from Web Service Access Key. The Username corresponds to the user's name.

Adding a new an OData services

E.g. to add a new oData service for Sales Line Item Discounts,

  1. go to the corresponding view in Business Central

  2. get the page id from the URL as per the image below

  3. Go to the web service view

  4. Click New

  5. As Object Type, select page

  6. Click in the Object ID field and then a window pops up

  7. Select in the bottom right of the window Select from full list, and the window enlarges

  8. In the newly enlarged window, click the search icon, type the page ID, e.g. 7004

  9. The Sales Line Item Discounts show up. Select it

  10. Give the service a name without spaces

  11. Make the final selections and you are done

The page and its objects are now available as OData service.

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