What are teams? How to use them?

Teams are groups of users who are created by an account admin. Creating teams allows users to process various activities such as sharing permissions to flows or dashboards with a relevant group of users.

How to create teams?

1. Under the menu Settings > Teams, in the upper right corner, click the button Create Teams.

2. Give your team a name and add users to it searching them in the select box.

Where to use teams?

Teams can be used to give permission (access) to for the following objects:

  1. Flow Builder and Debugger Views

  2. ConnectorAuths

  3. File Uploads

  4. EnvVariables

  5. Dashboards

  6. Insights / Transformations

  7. Data Sources

  8. Embed (special product that needs enabling)

For a full overview of permissions, see here.

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