FTP Helper

FTP client that enables file manipulation on an FTP server


The FTP Helper is an FTP client that allows you to list, read (download), upload, move and delete files on an FTP server.


Go to the Connector Auth screen in order to setup your FTP credentials.

There, fill in all the required fields, click Confirm, and the credentials will then be automatically validated.

Username and Password (standard)

This is the standard FTP authentication type, which supports all FTP protocols (FTP, FTPS, SFTP) and requires a username and password:

Non-Standard Encoding

By default, UTF-8 is used for all FTP connections and actions. In case a FTP server uses an outdated configuration that does not support UTF-8, a supported encoding can be selected.

Please reach out to us if you require an encoding which is not shown as an option yet.

Private SSH Key

This auth type supports (by definition) only the SFTP protocol and instead of a password, a private key needs to be uploaded:

The private key needs to be in the standard PEM. In case your private key is in PuTTY .ppk format, you first need to convert it as described here.

Furthermore, the private key should not contain a passphrase.


1. Create Directory

To create a directory, provide the path of the new directory

2. List files and directories

To list FTP files in a directory, link to the directory.

3. Read a file

To read (download) an FTP file, link to the file by entering the path.

4. Upload a file

  1. To upload a file, link to the location including the full file name to be used for the finishing file.

  2. Next, link to the source file, where the file to be uploaded is located.

5. Move a file

  1. Enter the path to the file to be moved.

  2. Enter the path to where the file should be moved.

6. Read Metadata

To read the metadata of an FTP file or directory, link to the file or directory by entering the path.

7. Delete File

Enter the path to the file to be deleted.

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