Invoices and Payments

Invoices and payment options can be found under your avatar > Your company name > the tab on the right side. Locoia allows payment of the subscriptions plans via SEPA or credit card. When logged in to your account you can access the Invoices & Payments section in your Accounts settings to:

  1. Check your invoices and payments

  2. Update your invoice company information, such as address

  3. Enter your credit card details or your SEPA banking details

Some of the links will redirect you to our payment provider, Stripe. This is one of the largest global payment providers, and the portal is hosted by them; it is secured, and only you can access it.

Note, if you enter your credit card details, you will find them in the payment portal stored. If you enter your SEPA details, you will not see them again. They will be safely stored by Stripe (PCI-compliant), and the option to enter credit card details will be removed.

Upon entering either of the two payment methods, we will be notified and setting up your subscription automatically in the background. You should receive a notice and invoice within the next two business days.

Only the user type Account Admin can see the Invoices and payments tab. Regular users don't see it. Should your account not be activated for payment yet, e.g., because it is "pending" confirmation or still in "testing" mode, you will not see any payment options.

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