Details on usability and limitations of the Hubspot Connector in Locoia.


All programmatic standard properties in Hubspot are referenced in lower-case and without any _ or spaces. E.g. the property group `Deal Information` is referenced programmatically with `dealinformation`. If you create custom properties yourself, you can use _ underscores.

Internal IDs

The HubSpot API works with internal IDs often. To find them out,

Webhooks in Hubspot

HubSpot webhooks are limited in a way that only allows them to be configured by app and not by account. Thus they cannot be used for Locoia.

However, HubSpot offers a workflow feature for all Marketing and Sales Hub Professional accounts. It is possible to setup Webhooks with custom URLs in Workflows, so these can communicate with Locoia. More details can be found in the HubSpot documentation. When setting up a webhook to be fired e.g. whenever a certain property on an object is changed, remember to use the automatic re-enroll functionality, so the webhooks will get fired more than once, and, if wanted, make sure to enroll all existing object when enabling the workflow.

Hubspot Search API

Hubspot Search API Documentation

The Hubspot Search API allows very flexible search queries and makes it easy to return a large number of results matching said queries. It allows you to combine both AND and OR logical operators, with a maximum of 3 OR statements. While very convenient, the Search API comes with several limitations which you should be aware of:

Propagation Time

For every object type (contacts, deals, companies, etc.) you will find a "Search" action in our tool. Please be aware that changes made by other API calls will take several seconds to propagate to the search indexing. So if you, e.g. set a property on a contact, and search for that property immediately, the contact might not get returned. To avoid this issue, consider placing a Delay Helper in your flow, to pause it for some time before querying, or save the IDs of changed object to manually add them to search results.

Rate Limits

The Search API has far stricter rate limits than other Hubspot API endpoints (maximum of 4 Requests per second), so you might run into a 429 Error whenever your flow runs really fast. Consider adding small delays of ~100-200ms to ensure that your flow stays within rate limits. General Information on Rate limits can be found in the Hubspot Documentation.

Further Limitations

In addition to the rate limits described above, any Search API endpoint can return a maximum of 10,000 results (with a limit of 100 results per page). Trying to page beyond 10,000 results will return an error. If you require more than 10,000 results, consider either segmenting your results into smaller groups using existing properties, add a new property (e.g. called "Query Batch" or similar) to your records, or use the list endpoints of the CRM API and do the filtering yourself.

All limitations can be found in the Search API documentation.

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