4. Embed for End User

User journey: Embed activation process

End users go through the following process when opening the Embed iframe for the first time:

If Embed is configured with the setting "Ask for consent", then an end user will see a Consent screen before being able to access the iframe.

Displaying of Groups and Flows

If there are multiple groups in an Embed Configuration they are collapsed by default.

If there's only one group in an Embed configuration, the group is expanded by default and if that group has only one Flow, it's already on the first step of the activation process when the Embed is opened.

If the user clicks the "Delete all my integration data" button in the iframe, they will be asked for consent again, the next time they open the iframe.

Integrations setup

The set up for each integration shows all systems (Connectors) that expect user input. The user then provides information step by step. It is not possible to switch between the steps.

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