XLSX Helper

Retrieving data and writing data into XLS and XLSX


The XLSX Helper helps in retrieving data and writing data into XLS and XLSX. It integrates them in other Locoia flow components.


Write sheet

In order to write and create a new XLSX file, just reference a list where your data that you want to write is located. All settings:

  • Data reference: The reference to a file of a previous step in the flow builder or a file based on another server (somewhere on the internet). This can either be a list of lists or a dictionary (JSON): - List example: [["ID", "Name"], ["123", "Markus"], ["124", "Peter"]] - Dictionary (JSON): [{"ID": "123", "Name": "Markus"}, {"ID": "124", "Name": "Peter"}]

Read sheet

In order to read an XLSX / XLS-file, just reference the file and the sheet (by sheet name), where the data you want to read is stored. All settings:

  • URL where the XLSX / XLS file is located: the URL either internal from DI or external from a third party

  • Sheet: Name (tab) of the sheet within the file (optional). If none is selected, the first is used.

  • From: Cell in the spreadsheet where the range to read should start, e.g. B7

  • To: Cell in the spreadsheet where the range to read should end, e.g. F500

  • Import type:

    • with_header: Returns a labeled dataset [{"ID": "123", "Name": "Markus"}, {"ID": "124", "Name": "Peter"}]

    • with_header: Returns all the values of the table-document as a simple list of lists [["ID", "Name"], ["123", "Markus"], ["124", "Peter"]]

    • has_no_header: Returns the unlabeled dataset, just without the first row

  • Infer data types: Whether to infer data types or import all data as strings (off by default). More information can be found here

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