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LineMetrics provides an easy way to collect sensor data in existing buildings. Retrofit wirelessly and optimize building operations with Insights.
To get the last data of a sensor,

Accessing objects via Custom Key / Alias:

In the object tree (main tab Objects) you can create individual objects and create measuring points in the objects. You can then assign a data source to a measuring point.
If you are on the side of the measuring point, you can assign a so-called alias for this measuring point, for example “temperature”, at the top right on Actions -> API information... You will then be shown the correct influx key / alias combination. Thus, you can either find the UID or define the route yourself
To get all objects, query: /v2/children
You can then query the child objects for each received object: /v2/children/{object_id}
A measuring point is of the object_type = attribute. This means that if you query a child object of this type, you can also access the data directly with the ID of the respective object without a custom key / alias.
Where to include the id:

LineMetrics Authentication

To authenticate LineMetrics, please ask your account manager or technical contact for a API ID and API Secret. This can be included on Locoia. Further details can be found here from LineMetrics directly.
LineMetrics Authentication API DI
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