Introduction to Data Sources

You can use Data Sources in Locoia to import data from the apps and systems you use in order to create Transformations, Insights, and Dashboards.

To create a new data source, click on Data Sources in the menu and then click on Create DataSource in the top left corner:

Then simply follow the five steps to create a new Data Source:

  1. Select the connector (app or system) where your data is stored.

  2. Select the account login which you want to use with this connector. If you did not set up a Connector Auth for this connector yet, click Create a new ConnectorAuth for this Connector to set it up and come back to this screen afterward.

  3. Select the data type which you want to import. If the data type that you want to import is not shown, contact us.

  4. (Optional) You can customize the request which is being sent to the connector. This can be useful if you want to in- or exclude certain details. Note: If the connector works with views to access data (such as Freshsales), you need to input your individual view id which you want to query.

  5. Enter general information about the data source and select how often the data should be refreshed (Scheduling interval); for most business purposes refreshing daily is ideal.

Your Data Source will now be shown in the Data Source overview and you can use the Data Source to create Transformations, Insights, and Dashboards.

It might take a minute until the first data can be queried, and multiple hours, depending on the amount of data, until all your data is imported.

In the Data Source overview, you can see all your Data Sources, their current status, when they have last been refreshed, and more. You can also edit your Data Sources, adjust the Data Source's sharing settings, and even reimport the entire Data Source.

When you reimport a Data Source, all existing data will be deleted from this Data Source and depending of the amount of data present in your system, it might take multiple hours after the reimport is completed.

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