Form Helper

Include forms to gather user input on Embed (white label integration portal) for use in Flows


The Form Helper can be used together with the Embed Feature (white label integration portal) to receive custom user input from your users which can then be used in the Embed Flow.


The Form Helper has only one default action - Create Form. It has only one field, which is used to create the form using the UI Form Schema that is also used to create the input forms for actions within Locoia.

There you can specify all attributes of the field seen by your users - such as if a field is required, what kind of field it is, etc. Learn how to get started with creating UI Form Schemas on this page:

Building Connector Actions

Nested Fields are not supported by the Form Helper in order to maintain a straightforward Embed end-user experience.

Reference to user input within Embed Flows

In order to reference to the user input within Embed flows regular Jinja referencing is used, starting with the Form Helper's reference and referencing to the individual fields by their reference.

Setup Step-by-Step

1. Creating a Flow with a Form Helper

Part of the Flow could for example read an export file from a FTP server, where the challenge is that all customers have a slightly different folder name. Thus the user needs to specify their folder name in the embed setup.

The UI Form Schema in the form helper could in this case be:

  "folder_name": {
    "title": "Folder Name",
    "type": "text",
    "required": true,
    "placeholder": "external-exports",
    "info": "The folder name used for exporting data"

In order to reference this field later in the Flow we have to take a look at the references that we assigned to the form helper itself, in this case ftp_user_details:

Thus, the reference to the file location in the FTP helper would be something like:

{{ ftp_user_details.folder_name }}/export.csv

2. User input their details

During the Flow setup, your users will now see your form and can use it to fill in their individual details (or in this case have to, as you marked the field as required):

The Form Helper Step will always be shown as the last step in the Flow setup.

That's it! Now all the created Embed Flows include the user input of your respective end user.

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