Webhook Trigger for Connectors


Automatic webhook triggers let you get pinged like push message on your phone by your SaaS apps. Compared to the Webhook Helper, you don't have to do any manual setup. Locoia does the work for you in the background.

All Flows triggered in this way will be run async (as if the "async" Webhook option was set) and the response will always be null with status code 200.

Automatic webhook triggers are enabled for various connectors already and upon request, we can include it on additional connectors that provide automatic (API based) setup with ease in no time.

General usage

For any connector, in the connector side-panel search for the word `trigger` as a connector action to configure it and start your flow with it:


Webhook triggers are re-created based on any change of their settings. To re-create a webhook, change a setting and save the flow. Then change the setting back to your original setting.

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