1.5 Consent screen

Getting GDPR / DSGVO compliant consent from your users to use integrations.


In the Embed configuration, you can decide whether your end users should be asked for consent to use Locoia as a data processor (for GDPR compliance) when they open the iframe for the first time:
Consent option in embed configuration
In this section, you can also specify a flow that should be triggered each time when someone consents to use the iframe in order for you to also receive consent data. In this flow you have access to the parameters that you have passed in the JWT (only the ones that start with embed_).

User perspective

If you enabled consent, your end users will see a screen like below (the language English or German depends on the lang parameter) before they can access the iframe:
English default version
German default version
You can customize the CSS of this screen with the CSS customization documented here.
In case you want to use a different text or completely different styling, please send us the html that you want to use and we'll add it to your Embed.
If the user clicks the "Delete all my integration data" button in the iframe, they will be asked for consent again, the next time they open the iframe.