2. Embed Flow Building


In order to offer your users integration flows, you first have to create a template flow in your Locoia account. The ID of this flow then has to be provided during the embed setup.


Leave all authentications that should be filled out by the end users empty.
In case you want to provide authentication for a connector (e.g. your flow uses the Google Maps Connectors, and you provide your API key for all users), you can fill out the Connector Auth of this Connector and the users will not be accessed to provide authentication for this Connector.



When using a Scheduler Helper in an embed flow, the start datetime will be set to the date when the end user enabled the corresponding flow.


In order to automatically create webhooks for your end users, you have to use the webhook trigger for Connectors feature. This will automatically create a webhook for every end user enabled flow, triggering only their specific flow.