2.5 Embed Remote Search


Remote Search allows end users to search for IDs by a name they're used to, e.g. they can search for a company ID by the name of a company:
This way the corresponding ID can be used in the Embed Flow to customize the Flow for the end user.


In order to add remote search to an Embed Flow, at least two steps are needed:
  1. 1.
    Form Helper step, where the form that the end user sees can be configured (needs to be placed before the Connector step)
  2. 2.
    Regular Connector step, which supports Remote Search

Form Helper

The setup is almost the same as explained in detail here, but an additional parameter remoteSearch is required.
The value for this parameter needs to be a reference to the Remote Search enabled field in the Flow, so if the Flow looks like this:
It would e.g. be "remoteSearch": "get_account.account_id".
The field reference can be seen when toggling Advanced view on and looking at the tooltip for the corresponding field.

Regular Connector

The Connector setup is as usual for an Embed Flow, however, in most cases the Remote Search enabled field will be filled with a reference to the Form Helper step.
E.g. in the example above: {{ user_input.freshsales_company }}.