2.1 Creating Embed Flows

Creating Embed Flows
You can create Flows just as you would for a normal Flow, but you remove all Authentications (logins) of all relevant connectors. Authentication is passed in later the instance of a Flow by your customers.
A special Helper that you can use in those Flows is the Form Helper, which allows you to gather user input inside the Embed in order to customize the Flow for them.
The Flow instance for your customers keeps most Flow settings from the Flow you built:
  • Error email recipients
  • Flow data retention
  • Enable webhook token
  • Log all flow run steps
  • Automatic retries
  • Error Handling Flow

Special variables

In Embed Flows you can reference to the non-sensitive variables passed in the JWT token:
  • embed_user_id
  • embed_user_name
  • embed_account_id
  • embed_account_name
  • embed_state